Join the Journal

BBLJ welcomes UC Berkeley Law students, including first year JD candidates and LLM candidates, who have a passion for business law and want to become involved with exploring cutting edge business law issues. BBLJ does not have a write-on requirement and reviews applications throughout the academic year.  BBLJ has a wide variety of areas that new members can assist with including:

  • Print Journal: Reviewing article submissions, substantive editing, source collecting, cite checking, and article formatting.
  • BBLJ’s blog The Network: Staff writer, Senior Editor, Copy Editor, Operations Editor, and Managing Editor.
  • Symposium Team: Choose symposium topic, solicit speakers, and organize the logistics of the event.
  • Development Team: Coordinate events, including the lunchtime speaker series, Women in Business panel, and member retreats.
  • Web Editor: Maintain and develop content for BBLJ’s website and The Network.

Please fill out the form here to be invited to the first general body meeting on August 30, where we will go over open teams and how to join.

Please email us at if you have any questions.