Social Events

BBLJ hosts a vari­ety of social events through­out the year, includ­ing:


Trip to Wine Coun­try

Every fall BBLJ mem­bers board a par­ty bus and tour sev­er­al winer­ies hand-picked by the BBLJ event devel­op­ment team. The day trip involves wine tast­ing at each win­ery, pic­nic-style lunch in a pic­turesque set­ting, and an open bar on the bus. The event is a BBLJ way  to wel­come new mem­bers and re-con­nect with friends after the sum­mer break.

Tahoe Win­ter Get­away

When the snow set­tles in Sier­ras, BBLJ rents a Tahoe cab­in for a week­end of out­door and indoor win­ter fun. Some Jour­nal mem­bers go ski­ing, board­ing, sled­ding or snow­shoe­ing. Oth­ers stay in and relax by the fire or play board games. In the evening every­one enjoys abun­dance of food and drink. The most adven­tur­ous BBLJers con­tin­ue the par­ty at the near­by resorts.  The week­end is an all-in cel­e­bra­tion of the fall semes­ter com­ing to an end.

Hap­py Hours and Lunch­es

BBLJ also hosts hap­py hours and lunch­es through­out the year designed to help jour­nal mem­bers get to know each oth­er and the dif­fer­ent oppor­tu­ni­ties avail­able on the jour­nal.