Annual Symposium

Each year in March, BBLJ holds its largest event of the year–a symposium on a cutting edge topic in business law. BBLJ invites speakers from academia, business, and government to present a broad spectrum of opinions and engage in an open discussion of the topic. BBLJ’s symposium team starts working in the fall. Students interested in offering their organizational talents are welcome to join the team at various stages of the symposium organization. Past topics have included:

2016: Silicon Valley Abroad

2015: Legal Implications of Mobile Payment Systems

2014: Shareholder Activism

Audio from the 2014 event –
Panel 1 – Shareholder Activism: Bird’s Eye-View
Panel 2 – Hot-Button Issues: How Should We Interpret the Current State of Play?
Panel 3 – Future of Shareholder Activism: Where Do We Go From Here?

2013: The Jobs Act: The IPO On-Ramp and Crowdfunding

2012: The Foreclosure Crisis: Challenges and Solutions to the Mortgage Meltdown

2011: Financial Regulatory Reform: Dodd-Frank and Beyond